Polaris Event – Entrepreneurship Talk: The Start-up Kit

You have a burning business idea in mind?

You want to start your business but clueless about how to begin?
You are too afraid of taking on the challenge?

We, Polaris Family offers you a solution: THE START-UP KIT

Register: tinyurl.com/PolarisTalk

Join us in the dialogue with 3 entrepreneurs based in Singapore and hear them share and discuss insights about the opportunities and challenges of starting a business.

– Mr. Khairul Rusydi – Co-founder of Reactor
– Mr. Huynh Phung Huynh – Co-founder of Fiuzu
– Mr. Ng E-Fei – Co-founder of LessonsGoWhere

– Mr. Vo Hoang Hai: Co-founder of Epsilon Mobile



Post-event update:

In recent decades, we have seen an escalating attention to startups in Asia and an increasing number of successful start-ups which are bringing values and shaping the world. Recognizing more and more young Vietnamese are ambitious to become entrepreneurs, the Start-up Kit talk aimed to provide a general picture of entrepreneurship and discuss key essential areas that a start-up in its early stage must go through. On 12 October 2014, we were honored to invite four young entrepreneurs from four start-ups, Mr. Huynh Phung Huynh (Co-Founder of Fiuzu), Mr. Ng E-Fei (Co-founder of LessonsGoWhere, Mr. Lucius Liew (Founder of Aimless Design) and Mr. Kharul Rusydi (Co-Founder of Reactor), to share their insights and experience to over 30 Vietnamese students and young professionals.

The talk started off with Mr. Huynh Phung Huynh sharing about passion and entrepreneurship. He believed the success of a start-up are determined by whether entrepreneurs are doing what they love to do. He also covered the topics of validating business ideas, building and continuously enhancing the products. Mr. Huynh then passed over the stage to Mr. Ng E-Fei to share about online marketing in entrepreneurship with many perspicuous examples, explaining why and how it can quickly enlarges the customer base , which is such a huge impact on start-ups’ success.

Panel discussion followed with various topics from partnership, marketing strategies, financing to managing start-up culture. Speakers also addressed many questions raised by the audience regarding their own start-up ideas, challenges of start-ups as well as the difference between full-time and part-time entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the photos. For more, visit our Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/polarisfamily

Pola_Startup_07 Pola_Startup_06 Pola_Startup_05 Pola_Startup_04 Pola_Startup_03