F&B Startups in Singapore – Wrap&Roll and Ha Noi Pho

This event was organized by Vietnam2020 Enterprise Family

Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm, Saturday, 12 April 2014

Location: Nus Enterprise Incubator, 5 Prince George’s Park, Singapore 118404, Singapore

Many Vietnamese entrepreneurs and investors think F&B is the easiest to start up and seek to open their own Vietnamese restaurants/ cafes in Singapore. This is deadly wrong! There is an enormous difference between knowing that you can cook well and running a restaurant, a food stall or a café in Singapore. As a food capital of Asia, Singapore F&B scene is no doubt immensely vibrant. At the same time, it is also highly competitive and sustaining your F&B business is truly a rigorous battle. There are many unique factors of Singapore market including scarce labour, stringent licensing system, notoriously expensive rental and others that can be the killers for your business.

With a view to bring you the most practical insight into starting up a F&B business in Singapore, Enterprise Family would like to invite aspired Vietnamese entrepreneurs, investors and others who wish to venture into F&B to join us in an exciting panel discussion with 2 successful F&B start ups in Singapore: Ha Noi Pho and Wrap & Roll Singapore.

Highlights of the event:

– How to choose a suitable business model
– Set up a restaurant – Steps and legal procedures
– Franchising a restaurant – Steps and Pros & Cons
– Marketing and branding
– Management & Organization

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