Polaris Workshop: The Pitch

The Pitch workshop, organized by Polaris Family in February 2014, aimed to brush up interview and CV writing skills of Vietnamese students. It was our great pleasure to invite Ms Jessie Nguyen and Ms Tran Nguyen Hoang Lan to conduct the training to 15 students coming from different universities. There have been many workshops conducted in schools to help the students but our trainers with their experience in HR industry had enlightened many students on the do and don’ts in writing their resume and challenged them with difficult interview questions.

After listening to the tips from our trainers, the participants were separated into two groups to practice a live interview with Ms Jessie Nguyen and receive the critiques of Ms Tran Nguyen Hoang Lan on their CVs. The small-scale event was well-received and it served as a first steps for the students to train and improve themselves on these important skills.

pitch 2

pitch 3

pitch 1