The Feb 25, 2008 issue of Cam Nang HOC BONG, a publication of Vietnam Centrepoint, has one article about VIETNAM 2020.



By Bizad family of VIETNAM 2020


One of the key thrusts of VIETNAM 2020, besides nurturing the young overseas Vietnamese professionals and building the business connection between Singapore and Vietnam, is giving back to the society. Be it big or small, every act does count towards making life easier and better for the poor and unfortunate.

Bizad family of VIETNAM 2020, as pioneering as its spirit is, pulled together a small charity drive for “Trung Tam Bao Tro Tre Em quan Go Vap”. Pre-event site visit was done by Hanh Phuoc with the purpose of understanding more about the situation and condition of the Center.

Heartbreaking pictures of the children at the center …

… who were born with brain abnormalities or with Down syndrome …

… gave the family the strength to raise awareness for the drive as well as successfully raised 603.2 SGD + 20USD +200,000 VND (total 7.2 million VND)at the VIETNAM 2020 TET party on January 25. The amount reflected the enthusiasm and commitment of all VIETNAM 2020 members to the good cause in spite of the short time notice.

Missioned with the task of presenting the donation to the Center, Bizad family members including anh Son’s family, Thuy Lien, Thuy Trang, anh Xuan Hoa and Hanh Phuoc, visited the Center on 2nd February 2008 (5 days before TET) right after a very early morning flight.

Despite all tiredness and an almost sleepless night before, everyone was excited as this was the very first charity activity we have done. After talking to the Center Director, Mrs Le Thi Anh Tuyet, and taking a tour around the Center, anh Xuan Hoa, on behalf of VIETNAM 2020, presented the donation to the Director.

Just then, we could see the sparkling in her eyes as she talked about the programs for the children and how they would like to improve the facilities. A surge of warmth and pride arose in our hearts as we really felt that we were doing something right for our unfortunate children, and for our country. We spent 1.4 million dong on milk, cookies, and candies for the childrenand donated 6.8 million dong in cash to the center. (Copy of the Certificate is available here)



Looking out, the sun seemed to shine more brightly, the breeze carried the smell of TET so warmly… From afar, another group of visitors was coming towards the Center with the same eagerness to help our unfortunate little friends. This TET would be happier for the kids and certainly more fulfilling for us, the devoted overseas Vietnamese…

As the SCIENCE & ENGINEERING family was planning to organize its first ever gathering, we were informed that anh TRAN QUANG TUAN and chi THANH CHAU have kindly accepted bac Han’s invitation to be our “host family” and volunteered to host the event.

Thanks to anh Tuan & chi Thanh Chau, we really had an exciting and meaningful gathering with our new host family, senior mentor, mentors, mentees, and some guests.

On that unforgettable Saturday Dec 15, 07, we were quite worried that not many people would come to the function. The main reason was that it was raining heavily the whole day – the kind of weather which would normally keep people “stay home and sleep” especially on a Saturday afternoon, after a long and hard week. Secondly, the road leading to our host family’s residence is not easy to find and public transportation around the area is not available. However, to our surprise, more than 20 people have come, a few mentors in the organizing committee have arrived early to have a preliminary discussion about organizing the event and help preparing the food. We were warmly welcomed by anh Tuan and chi Thanh Chau. While some mentors were engaged excitedly in discussions with anh Tuan, the ladies were busy helping chi Thanh Chau with the food. The traditional Vietnamese home-cooked “banh canh cua”, “goi cuon”, and “che buoi” were all well prepared by chi Thanh Chau, Duong Chau, Thao (our guest) and Duc Vi the day before.

By 5 pm, there were still no sign of any more guests except for the first seven early mentors and everybody began to worry since the food was planned for some over 20 people! Chi Thanh Chau even thought of moving the party from the function room to the house to be more convenient and cosy. Well, soon afterwards, the mentors and mentees started to arrive! As expected, many had a hard time finding their way especially in the heavy rain. Some even drove their own motorbikes. Bao Khanh and Bao Linh, anh chi Tuan’s son and daughter, were also curious about the party and were encouraged by Duc Vi to join in with other Vietnamese friends …

By 6:00 pm, the organizers breathed a sigh of relief when 20 people have shown up! While many of our students have gone back to Vietnam for their holiday right after their exams, the big turnout was indeed fantastic!

It was such a great opportunity for us to come together, to discuss, to learn and share with one other. The rain must have made us very hungry and as such, the first dish “goi cuon” was promptly consumed as soon as it was served!

The real discussion only began when the wonderful and delicious second dish, “banh canh cua” was served! After the introduction of the objective of the event by Duc Vi, many ideas for activities, schedules, and action plans for the family were suggested and eagerly discussed by all members. The Science & Engineering family structure was presented and members were grouped into separate Teams. Many other activities such as sport and music were also eagerly discussed and several mentors have volunteered to take the lead role. All the feedbacks were recorded by S&E new secretary Huong Duong. The atmosphere became more excited and the discussion getting hotter when Dr. Bui Dinh Thuan arrived! We were extremely happy to hear Dr. Thuan sharing with us his many practical career development experience and perspective when he was working in different cultural environments. Not surprisingly, all members unanimously requested Dr Thuan to be a Senior Mentor of the Science & Engineering family

These discussions have definitely given all members present lots of useful information and practical experience. The party ended quite late with a photo-taking session for the S&E family. The gathering was indeed a memorable event and we all left with happy feelings!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this exciting and meaningful event and look forward to the next gathering with more interesting activities for all of us.

For more pictures of the event, please click on the link below:

… and for a summary report of our gathering, including some actions we need to carry out from now on as true scientists & engineers…

Joining Vietnam2020, we all burn with our desire to do something for our country. However, despite how lofty our ideal and vision are, we must first roll up our sleeves and get to work to make things happen! After the Investment family was born, our first task was to get to know one another as members of a true family!

After some discussions, all mentors and mentees agreed with Anh Thu’s suggestion to hold our first gathering over lunch on a Saturday – instead of having a dinner on weekdays. Thanh Trung futher suggested that we should go to Thai Express because he can get a 10% discount and this was promptly accepted by everybody.



On that special date, Dec 8, 2007, almost all members of the Investment family came for our first gathering at Thai Express in City Hall. At first, we thought that some members couldn’t make it, but eventually they all showed up, claiming that they got lost finding their way – or was it because they were distracted by all the beautiful shops at Raffles ?


As we were about to start lunch at noon, chu Han & co Chau stopped by to say hello! We were all treated with a special gift, which is a copy of chu Han’s latest CD of Trinh Cong Son songs arranged for classical guitar – and with chu Han’s autograph too!



Many questions were raised by our Mentees during lunch. These were basically related to matters which the Mentors have experienced during their schooldays and our Mentors were quite thorough and generous with their answers. After lunch, we still stayed on for quite a long time sharing our school & work experience, talking about Vietnam2020 and our action plan for 2008 …



Our first gathering has given us a chance to meet, share experience, and form a stronger bonding with one another. It was indeed a memorable event for our Investment familly now and in the future. Someday when Vietnam2020 has widened its scope to be a big network with thousands of members, Investment family members will certainly look back at this historical lunch gathering with fond memories…

Business Administration group, also known as Bizad family, organized its very first mentor-mentee gathering on Saturday, 8th December at anh Son’s house.

Despite already having had a mentor brainstorming at chi Christie’s restaurant establishment a month ago, this gathering was doubly meaningful because it provided an opportunity to integrate Accounting mentors as well as mentees into the family.


Warmly welcome by bro Son’s and his wife, sis Thuy, the mentors had such great bonding time with traditional Vietnamese food, especially prepared by sis Thuy for the mentors. It is said that food connects people and that is really true for Bizad family. We never felt that we are indeed one big family until that day when we sit together at one table.

Putting the fun aside, everyone got down to serious discussion about the upcoming event for January as well as the first career workshop. The discussion was so heated because everyone got excited about the charity drive for the unfortunate children. The purpose of Vietnam2020‘s giving back to our beloved country can be realized in many ways, tangibly and directly is through this charity drive.

Mentors also shared with one another about theirs mistakes, due to lack of experience and innocence, in the first 6 months of work. Emailing to the wrong person, stepping over the supervisor and being victims of office politics are told vividly with personal real experiences. These were noted down and saved for the upcoming career workshop- “Career transition” where alumni from various industries and companies will be invited to pass on their hard-earned lessons with the fresh graduates or final year students. This workshop is scheduled sometime in late February when schools resume after Lunar New Year holiday.


The second part of the gathering is with the mentees. This was when the first three selected mentees openly shared with mentors their expectations about Vietnam2020, their ambition and contribution to Vietnam2020 and eventually to Vietnam. Mentors and mentees were officially introduced to one another and quickly broke the ice. Because most of the Bizad mentors just joined the corporate world, the age difference between mentors – mentees is so insignificant that they are almost in the same league and thus can click very well. This first step bode well for Bizad family and signals that we, as a family, can do more for the mentees and for Vietnam2020.


The gathering ended with tasty dinner where the fun and playful side of each member naturally exposed. Seemingly “no big deal”, the dinner actually was the catalyst to glue the family. Thanks to anh chi Thai Son, the most hospitable host ever, the gathering was a success and from there, we can see year 08 with more exciting and meaningful events for Vietnam2020.

On 12 December 2007, the Business Admin family of Vietnam 2020 made its first company visit to GE – VetcoGray HeadQuarter in Singapore.

A total of 18 mentors and mentees participated in this special tour. Eye-opening, fruitful, fantastic, beneficial, wow … these are just some reactions from our participants about the experience.

We reached VetcoGray HQ in Tuas Industrial Park at around 11am and were welcomed by anh Thai Son and his friendly colleagues. The tour started with a briefing on GE-history and culture, Oil and Gas activities in GE and VetcoGray operations in Singapore given by Mr. How Meng Hock, Asia Leader for Manufacturing.

After getting our basic lesson on industrial safety from Mr. Joseph Ling, Safety Officer, we were all equipped with safety tools and took a walk inside the station.  Watching the pictures below to see how we look like in our safety gears, with suit + glass + cap.


Our tour guides were Mr. Richard Soon, Machine Shop Manager and anh Thai Son, who are experienced and patient with a group of new learners constantly asking questions on anything they place their eyes on. Besides having a chance to catch a look at what’s going on in an industrial facility we were given some basics on manufacturing eg. inventories should ideally be kept at less than 10% of total revenue, 20-million-worth machine should be kept running 24/7 to achieve optimum benefit, and so on.

While enjoying our pizza for lunch (courtesy of GE’s General Manager), our students found it even more beneficial to have Mr. Brandon Lee, an NTU grad and Mr. Kyaw Za, an NUS grad sharing their experience at GE with us.  The two officers gave many valuable advises on what and how the students should focus on during school to prepare for their future career in engineering.

We also had a discussion on career opportunities with GE.  At the moment there are 10 vacancies available for Industrial Attachment candidates at GE Singapore. For more information on this, please log on Vietnam2020 forum or contact your school Career Office.

We came back on the same free shuttle bus provided by GE, feeling thankful for all the time and efforts which anh Thai Son and all the GE staff have generously offered to our Vietnam 2020 members. And for us – organizing committee, we are happy to bring you the trip that is beneficial and interesting to you. 

Last but not least, we would like to thank our members who have supported and come to the tour with us with open minds for new things and new opportunities. We are looking forward to see you soon in our next events.

Stay tuned! More events by BizAd and VN2020 to come…

To view more photos, please go to:

With the addition of 42 new Mentors two weeks earlier, VIETNAM 2020 is ready to open its door for the first batch of Student Members. 

Since our operation is still brand-new and not all industry families are in full operation yet, in order to test-run the system, we have decided to launch our first Membership drive for the students at NUS, NTU and SMU for 3 days only.

For the first Intake, a total of 34 applications was received which consist of:


1. Accounting (0)
2. Banking & Finance (10)
3. Business Administration (4)
4. Investment (6)
5. Science & Engineering (6)
6. Information Technology (6)
7. Law & Social Science (1)
8. Real Estate & Design (2)

 The second Intake will be launched in December, after our students have finished their exams


A fun evening for our Mentors!

The Events and Activities Committee organized a BBQ party on Nov 3rd, 2007 to celebrate the successful launch of VIETNAM 2020 and to welcome our first batch of 42 new Mentors.  All the attendants had a joyful evening by the pool-side at Elizabeth Heights, enjoying fantastic Vietnamese dishes and getting to know each other more.

The event started with authentic Vietnamese cuisine such as mango salad, spring rolls, grilled pork,beef & chicken with rice vermicelli, banana cakes, chocolate cakes, fresh fruits and last but not least, che` chuo^’i. & che` ta’o xo.n !  

Phuong Anh got a big surprise when her dear friends from NTU secretly arranged a special birthday celebration for her, which came with a beautiful cake, candles, singing and lots of laughter …

After all the teams have introduced their Mentors, another highlight of the party was when all the couples and partners of VIETNAM 2020 were asked to introduce themselves, starting with Bac Han and Co Chau …  

Don’t worry if you miss this event.  Many more activities are coming, and we look forward to seeing you, your partners, and your family soon…

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – for ourselves, for others, and for Vietnam.  That spirit inspires the founders of VN2020, and now continues to inspire many other Vietnamese people in Singapore.

NUS Auditorium

VIETNAM 2020 is a Student Advisory Network established in Singapore in 2007 by a group of Vietnamese professionals led by Mr Vo Ta Han.  VIETNAM 2020′s aims are to support the economic and social development of Vietnam through the contribution of overseas Vietnamese professionals and students, as well as to strengthen the relationship between Singapore and Vietnam.

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