“Sức khỏe là số 1” – STEM September Gathering

Người khỏe mạnh có cả TRĂM ước muốn, người không khỏe chỉ có MỘT ước muốn duy nhất, đó là SỨC KHỎE. Trong lần gặp mặt tháng 9 này, STEM quyết định tổ chức buổi đi bộ “Sức khỏe là số 1” tại Mac Ritchie, với mục đích rèn luyện cơ thể và gắn kết các thành viên. – Thời… Read more →

How to manage your money better

How to manage your money better

How have you been doing with you savings? Pay off the debt or invest in something to have a better return? Our small survey indicates that a fresh graduate concerns how to pay off the loan and that an experienced professional with engineering background wonders what should he do if he has $50k. Have you ever heard a fresh graduate,… Read more →

Makers' Meet-up Series

Makers’ Meet-up Series

Have you ever wondered a software/hardware product or service made and evolved? Or how to start-up a tech company? We offer you chance to meet-up with entrepreneurs who have already created software products/services and have great passion to share. We go beyond sharing, and encourage people to find like-minded tech/business partners for their tech start-ups. Come to join us, you… Read more →

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