STEM May Gathering – “Personal Financial Planning 101″ workshop

Time : 3pm-5pm , Sat 25th May 2013

Location: Blk 987, #05-597, Jurong West St 93 , near Pioneer MRT ( 3 mins walking distance) , anh Huy’s home :)

Gathering style : Potluck style :) So please bring your food/drink/cake….to share with us…

If you are like most people, you may desire to achieve many financial goals such as owning assets, saving money for emergency purposes, protecting yourself and your loved ones with insurance, and many more. However, achieving these goals with limited resources can be challenging, especially given the complexity of modern financial markets. While many individuals make financial decisions only when pressured to do so, few people consciously think about building their nest egg when they are still actively working and therefore they well prepare for good retirement or financial freedom.

In this 2-hour workshop of “Personal Financial Planning 101”, STEM would like to provide basic knowledge as well as to raise awareness among members about the importance of personal financial planning. This is necessary if you wish to improve your standard of living, minimise the likelihood of financial disaster, invest optimally and accumulate sufficient wealth over time.
The workshop will be warmly conducted by sis. Ngoc, a STEM treasurer.







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